How to Regain Confidence After Trauma (5 Effective Tips)

How to Regain Confidence After Trauma

After experiencing trauma, coming back to confidence and peacefulness can feel overwhelming. Trauma can often separate us from feeling good in our bodies and minds, but there are ways to counter those feelings. Here are five effective tips for regaining confidence after trauma: By following these five tips, you have the chance to change your life … Read more

50 Powerful Travel Affirmations To Overcome A Fear Of Travelling

Travel Affirmations

If you’re like most people, the idea of affirmations probably conjures up images of hippies chanting in a circle or celebrities posting motivational quotes on Instagram. But what exactly are affirmations, and what role can they play in safe travel? Put simply. Affirmations are positive statements that can help to change the way you think and feel … Read more

How to be More Outgoing and Confident and Less Introverted

How to be more outgoing

For a select group, there are very few things that are worse than feeling uncomfortable and anxious in a social situation. With our world becoming increasingly anxiety-inducing, many of us are stuck wondering how to become more outgoing and confident. So, the question we need to ask ourselves is, how to be more outgoing and … Read more

6 Positive Affirmations to heal a Relationship

Affirmations to heal a Relationship - hands touching

After a certain amount of time, almost every relationship hits a rocky patch. Feelings get fiery, opinions are in conflict, and hearts can get broken. However, these disputes between lovers can often be resolved through reminders, reassurance, and positive relationship affirmations. Here are six positive affirmations to heal a relationship: If you are experiencing relationship … Read more

Can Meditation Replace Sleep?

can meditation replace sleep

We are all very well aware that quality sleep is necessary. A normal person needs to regulate sleep. Interestingly, evidence has suggested that long-term meditators need less sleep time. Most Buddhists have stated that a full night’s sleep is equal to approximately four hours of proficient meditation. Studies outside the Buddhist concept also support the idea … Read more

Can Meditation Help Social Anxiety?

Can Meditation Help Social Anxiety

Does meditation really help people with social anxiety? To answer that, you need to know what meditation is and what is does for your anxiety. Used for years as a cure to any and all illnesses, meditation is essentially any technique that allows you to direct your focus and attention to the things you want, instead of … Read more