How to Stay Positive When Quitting Smoking

How to Stay Positive When Quitting Smoking

Quitting cigarettes can be one of the hardest things a person does in their lifetime – almost everyone knows a friend or family member who’s gone through it. But when that person is you, you realize firsthand how hard it is to do — and how hard it is to stay positive throughout the process. … Read more

50 Positive Family Affirmations for a Strong, Happy Family

Affirmations for family

We all want to have healthy, happy relationships with our loved ones, but it’s not always easy.  It can be hard to connect with family and stay positive when we’re going through a tough time. Sometimes, arguments happen, or we might feel like we’re not being appreciated. In times like these, it’s important to remember … Read more

How To Maintain A Positive Attitude

maintain a positive attitude

Maintaining a positive mental attitude is one of the key assets to have for a successful life. When bad times hit, it can be hard to remain optimistic, but hold a strong positive outlook on the future and you will find it makes such a difference to your wellbeing and productivity. Check out these 6 … Read more

9 Affirmations for School Success

affirmations for school success - girl at college

Everyone who’s ever attended school knows that struggles are inevitable. However, you can easily change your mindset from a negative one to a positive one by using our affirmations for school success. Here are are our 9 affirmations for school success that will give you an unshakeable belief in yourself: When you’re having an extra hard … Read more

8 Affirmations To Get Through The Day

Affirmations to get through the day

Negative emotions and mental health struggles can make you feel like the day will never end and that things will not get better. However, you have the ability and the potential to retrain your brain to feel more positive. Here are eight affirmations to help get you through the day: By making these affirmations a … Read more